Molecular Techniques: Their Role in Microbial Diseases and Antibiotic Resistance Detection

Adomi, P.O., Owhe-Ureghe UB, Nwafor OB


Advancement in molecular biology has led to the development of new tools for detection of microbial diseases and antibiotic resistance. Nucleic acid hybridization and amplification techniques are exploited to detect the DNA or RNA sequences unique to a particular microorganism. This review aims to explore the role of molecular techniques in microbial diseases and antibiotic resistance detection.

Materials and method: A review based on theoretical and empirical literature was done through internet search engines such as Google, Pubmed, Medline, journals and books. The literature search spans from 1990 - 2013.

Results: A total of 61 publications are reviewed. Most of them are international articles. The review reveals that since the advent of conventional polymerase chain reaction, other molecular methods utilizing diverse labels, formats and strategies have been described by various researchers. These techniques have been applied for detecting various microbial, diseases and antibiotic resistance gene .

Conclusion: Huge information is available on molecular methods using different labels, formats and strategies in the internet. Simpler methods need to be devised by manufacturers using information available so that resource constrained countries can be exposed to the knowledge and method of use. Staff should be trained on both conventional and molecular techniques. Molecular biology should be introduced as a course of study in life sciences.
Method cannot be recommended for monitoring the effectiveness of therapy but may be used to improve/augment the quality of diagnosis of diseases and antibiotic resistance for effective health care delivery and management of diseases.


Molecular techniques, microbial diseases, antibiotic resistance gene detection.

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