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Bio Statement Some players are being banned from FUT Champions in FIFA 18

In the last hours, many players of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team are receiving in their emails an email from the support team of EA Sports, which indicate that the player is excluded from the day Dragon Mania Legends Hack of FUT Champions for cheating, presumably ; what entails not getting any of the rewards of FUT Champions or of course, the points of the week, so lose a full day of FUT Champions , in addition to the many hours invested, since they are 40 games must be added the power Drop many positions in the monthly ranking to get prizes.

Almost all users report that they have not cheated, in fact, to use some kind of FIFA 18 Hack trickery would be to qualify in Elite 1 , and most complaints in this regard did not even exceed the Gold rank in their journey. It is alleged that EA Sports took this measure due to the multiple disconnections in the FUT Champions matches, although in most cases it is due to the instability of the FIFA 18 servers rather than the user's Internet connection.

From Areajugones we have contacted EA and they confirm that after notifying it, they will study the subject . It only remains to wait to FIFA 18 Coin Generator see what solutions they offer for those players who have been excluded from the previous day of FUT Champions in FIFA 17 Hack Ultimate Team.