Obstetric Performance of Pregnant Diabetics in a Nigerian Tertiary Hospital


  • Omo-Aghoja L O Author
  • Omo-Aghoja VW Author
  • Aghoja CO Author
  • Agholor KN Author
  • Abe E Author


Obstetric performance, Pregnant diabetics


Background: Diabetes mellitus is one of the common medical complications of pregnancy and it seems to be on the increase. The study was undertaken to assess the obstetric performance of pregnant diabetic patients in a Nigerian tertiary hospital, with a view to identifying relevant interventions that will lead to better outcome.

Methodology: A retrospective review of the service delivery records of all cases of pregnant diabetics seen over a 5-year period in the maternity unit of the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Benin City, Nigeria.

Result: Thirty four cases of diabetics were managed within the period and the incidence was 0.7% of the total deliveries. The cases were predominantly (75%) gestational diabetes mellitus and 80% (27) of the patients were booked. They were mainly (85.3%) multiparous and about two-thirds of the parturients had combined dietary and insulin regime for treatment during the antenatal period. Theleadingmorbidities were candidiasis (63.6%), malaria (47.0%), urinary tract infection (41.2%), placenta previa (26.5%), preterm delivery (20.6%) and pre-eclampsia (18.2%). The caesarean section rate was high (53.0%). The maternal mortality rate was 5882/100,000 and the perinatal mortality rate was 147.1/1000 with a high perinatal morbidity rate.

Conclusion: A low incidence of diabetes is recorded, with high maternal infectious morbidity rates and a high caesarean section rate. The perinatal mortality were high and perinatal morbidity rate. Public health education, prompt booking and utilization of hospital facilities for antenatal care and supervised delivery by pregnant diabetics are recommended.

Author Biography

  • Omo-Aghoja L O

    Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology,

    College of Health Sciences,

    Delta State University, Abraka.

    Tel: 234 8023435599, 234 8039377043


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