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Sickle cell disease, , renal volume, renal Doppler indices, ultrasonography


Background: Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), a hereditary blood disorder caused by an abnormality in haemoglobin can be complicated by impairment of renal function. Renal Doppler ultrasound has been found to be an effective method of evaluating reno-vascular events prior to abnormal laboratory renal function tests.

Aim and Objectives: This study aimed to evaluate and compare the renal volume (RV), intra-renal resistive and pulsatility indices (RI, PI) among sickle cell patients and controls in UBTH, Benin City using

Materials and Method: This was a cross-sectional comparative study of renal volume, intra-renal resistive and pulsatility indices among 50 sickle cell disease patients attending sickle cell clinic of the University of Benin Teaching Hospital and equal number of “Age and Sex” matched controls. The study was conducted using a 2-8MHz curvilinear transducer of a SONOACE X6 (Medison Inc., Korea 2010) Doppler ultrasound machine.

Data analysis: Collated data was analysed using IBM SPSS Statistics for Windows, Version 23.0 (IBM
Corp, Armonk. N.Y., USA)

Results: The mean age for the HbSS subjects was 22.4±3.7 years while that of the control group was 23.3 ±4.5 years. The left RV was higher than the right RV in HbSS and HbAA: 169.3 ±40.2cm3 versus 162.2 ±40.3cm3 and 153.9 ±30.9cm3 versus 134.7 ±26.4cm3 respectively. The mean RV, RI and PI was significantly higher in HbSS than controls (RV: 165.8 ±39.8cm3 versus 122.9 ±13.4cm3 ; p = 0.0001, RI: 0.74±0.02 versus 0.61±0.04; p = 0.0001, PI: 1.43±0.06 cm3 versus 0.90±0.05; p = 0.0001).

Conclusion: Renal volume, RI and PI were statistically significantly higher in HbSS patients than controls.


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