Acute Kidney Injury in Adult Nigerians: A Single Centre Experience


  • Okoye O Author
  • Ojogwu L Author


Kidney Injury


Background: Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) is an abrupt and sustained rise in serum creatinine,  urine output or both. It is associated with significant morbidity and mortality especially among  hospitalised patients. Despite the poor outcome associated with the problem, data is lacking  regarding the epidemiology of AKI in developing countries. 

Objectives: To determine the incidence of AKI among medical admissions, to study the  aetiological pattern, clinical presentation, complications and short-term outcome of the  disease; and to determine the predictor of poor outcome among cases studied. 

Methodology: This was a retrospective study. The case records of all cases of diagnosed AKI  admitted into the medical wards for a period of 2 years was reviewed. AKI was regarded as  sudden deterioration in renal function (azotaemia) with or without oliguria; and the absence of any evidence of chronicity. 

Results: There were 2431 Medical admissions during the study period and of these, there were  33 cases of AKI with an incidence rate of 13.5 per 1000. Patients were aged 18-95 years with a  mean age of 37.4±18.6 years. The commonest presenting symptoms were fever (64.5%), leg  swelling (64.5%), vomiting (54.8%) and oliguria (61.2%). 77.4% patients had proteinuria, 64.5%  were anaemic while 54.8% had elevated blood pressure. The commonest cause of AKI was  Sepsis (45.1%). 61.2% had haemodialysis. Mortality rate was 41.9%. Not having haemodialysis  was significantly associated with poor outcome. 

Conclusion: AKI is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Late presentation and  delayed or lack of access to dialysis are major difficulties encountered.

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  • Okoye O

    Nephrology Unit, Department of Medicine, University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH),


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